is an innovative, soil-conscious company committed to developing soil care products for improved, sustainable agriculture.

The founders of Agrowplow had the foresight to see that farmers needed to improve their practices - to improve soil structure, increase humus and allow more water to infiltrate and store in the soil - if farming was to be sustainable. The first Agrowplow was designed and built in 1977 to adopt these principles.

Today the company's range of Agrowplow and Agrowdrill seed drills are widely accepted by farmers and agricultural researchers for their unique capabilities. The term "Agrowplow" has become a farming concept rather than just another implement.

The company's range of specialised Agrowplow deep tillage plows, Agrowdrill seed drills and other products are designed and manufactured under strict code of sustainable agricultural mechanisation, and promoted under our slogan:

"Prosperity Through Soil Care"

Agrowplow's research and development division develops world leading technology and has earned an industry-wide reputation for turning market ideas into reality.

Development is undertaken with the professional guidance of fully qualified design engineers with the use of 3D CAD/CAM that supports the complete design to manufacture process. All designs are manufactured to the highest standards of quality control.

Agrowplow is located in Molong NSW, purchased by Davimac in 2013. With a vision in mind, Davimac plans to grow the business locally and internationally while maintaining the traditional Australian hallmarks of quality, reliability, and simplicity.

Today Agrowplow continues to develop class leading concepts in soil care through its growing range of soil renovating equipment.