Cotton Bed Renovator

A cut above the rest.

The Agrowplow Cotton Bed Renovator will plow, cut,bury and build cotton beds - saving time, fuel, topsoil and organic matter.


  • Superior Performance.The  Cotton Bed Renovator is available in 4m, 6m or 8m working widths with two shank laouts to choose from - the side bust or centre bust model. The Plow features shank units that create wide slots next to each plant row. While a fixed knife on each plow cuts the roots and buries them into the slots - increasing organic matter and nutrients.
  • Solid Construction. The Cotton Bed renovator frame is fully welded and constructed from heavy duty 150x150x9mm RHS and features a solid three toolbar frame. Furthermore, for excellent long term durability the plow is finished in a long lasting, high quality two pack paint.
  • Shanks.The cotton bed renovator features 24" Agrowplow shanks. For shank protection the Cotton Bed renovator is fitted with heavy duty rigid shear pin shanks as standard. Rigid Shear pin shanks are the quickest to change and the cheapest to replace. The shanks can work at a maximum working depth of 450mm (18") and have a maximum 1700lb breakout at the blade.
  • Furrows. Farmers can easily adjust the pitch and height to suit the requirements of the farmer


Optional Equipment

  • Mulch Blades