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Agrowdrill Direct Drills

Agrowplow's range of direct seed drills are a rugged and accurate seeding platform for Australian conditions. They are suitable for a range of soil types, including rocky country and dry sowing, and can be customised to suit numerous farming enterprises with options such as double-chuting, small seeds boxes, and presswheels. 

Agrowplow Deep Rippers

Break up soil compaction and improve moisture retention with Agrowplow's range of deep rippers. With working widths from 1.65 to 12m and a choice of rigid or hydraulic shanks, there's an Agrowplow deep ripper to suit every farm, from hobby farms to broadacre enterprises. Add extra functionality with shank options such as inclusion plates, fertiliser tubes, and furrowers. 

Agrowplow Trailing Machines

Get the perfect seed bed finish with Rubber Tyre Rollers and Flexirollers from Agrowplow. Suitable for both Agrowdrills and Agrowplows, these trailing machines help prepare the ideal seed bed for promoting seed germination.