Newest, most innovative shank design

Agrowplow no.9 Deep Ripper Shank

Introducing the newest, most innovative shank. The Agrowplow No. 9 Shank. The boldest, biggest and strongest shank design.

The team at Agrowplow have put the hard work in, to bring you the best shank. All smartly designed to offer the convenience and durability you expect from Agrowplow.



Innovative Scissor Action Design

Innovative Scissor Action Design

The No.9 Shank features a scissor action pivot and is excellent for deep ripping in tough conditions.

Not seen on any other brand, the two pivot arms allow the shank to release in such a way that is prevents the shank from attaching onto the obstacle when it breaks back. Any obstacles that are too stubborn to remove or break will flow under the shank, minimising the risk of breaking.



Full Shank Extension

Full Shank Extension

Ripping out rocks and stubborn hard pans is tough on your shank and machine. But not any more. Our shank has the ability to release and extend right up to the height of the frame. The high shank clearance will provide further protection when the shank releases.

Plus our shanks have an incredible 10560lb maximum breakout at blade for rigid shear shanks and 4070lb breakout for hydraulic recoil shanks.

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