Soil Finishers

Agrowplow soil finishers ensure your ploughing and seeding operations give the maximum benefit to your paddock. Maximise your yield with our range of finishers, from the simple and reliable design of the Rubber Tyre Roller, the precision contact of our Presswheels, or the contoured crumbling action of the Flexiroller.

Rubber Tyre Roller

The Rubber Tyre Roller offers a simple and effective way to achieve a firm seed bed finish following ploughing or seeding.


Agrowplow presswheels are specially designed to deliver optimal ground pressure to seed furrows following seed delivery.


The Agrowplow Flexiroller offers the ultimate soil finish. Independent rollers follow ground contours to maximise soil contact.

Machine Transport

Implement Trailer

The Agrowplow Implement Trailer is your first choice for easy transport of your seed drill or plough. Built-in features make loading easy for a range of machine types and transport safe and easy.