Agrowplow Presswheels

Presswheels provide a compact and accurate solution to ensuring a high quality seed bed finish. Agrowplow Presswheels are precisely aligned with the seeding rows to press the earth following primary seeding operations and provide a firm and gentle press to the soil, enhancing germination rates.

The Presswheel bar is mounted to the last toolbar of the Agrowdrill, reducing draft requirements and providing a significantly more compact solution compared to larger seed finishing implements. Each arm is individually mounted with allows the Presswheels to undulate as it passes over small hills and gullies, meaning you can be confident of a perfect seed bed finish even on uneven ground.

Agrowplow Presswheels

The individually-mounted arms can be individually adjusted to ensure perfect alignment with the drill tynes and making access for maintenance easy. They can be retrofitted to these seed drills after purchase if needed and can be assembled and fitted without requiring specialist tools or expert assistance. Parts are available on the Agrowplow store, making it easy to order replacements and spares.

Agrowplow Presswheels are available for the AD230 and AD730 series Agrowdrills.

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