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View our range of Deep Tillage Rippers. With soil care and innovation at the heart of everything we do, our deep rippers have been designed to be the best so you can achieve the best. With models featuring our latest, innovative shanks, controlled traffic farming widths and renowned strength. Learn More about Deep Ripping with Agrowplow or view our latest inclusion plates.

Agrowplow AP11

Small-size deep tillage plough featuring rigid shear pin shanks for excellent soil renovation

Agrowplow AP31

Small-mid size deep tillage plough featuring heavy frame and rigid / hydraulic shanks

Agrowplow AP51

Mid size deep tillage plow with a heavier frame and latest no.9 shank assembly

Agrowplow AP71

Mid-broadacre size plough. Excellent soil renovation with a heavier frame, CTF widths, and latest No.9 shank design.

Agrowplow AP81

Leading on from our most talked about AP91 is the AP81 with 9m & 12m CTF widths, 600mm working depth and a range of options to suit your soil conditions.

Agrowplow AP91

Excellent broad acre trash clearance and soil renovation. With the heaviest frame, shallow leading tines, level lift design, CTF widths and latest No. 9 shank.

The Advantages of Agrowplowing

The origin of Agrowplow began back in 1981 with the observation and concern about the detrimental effects of conventional cultivation on agricultural soils. Continual passes of the tractor and deterioration of soil structure have also formed compacted 'hard pan' layers below the soil surface. These soil damaging factors combine to seriously limit plant growth and yields and erode our precious asset.

From then on, the team at Agrowplow took on the challenge - to bring you the market leading solution for your soil care. Everyday, we pursue for the latest innovation in Deep ripping. With our goal to bring you the best, so you can achieve the best. How have we done this? Our latest models, feature our most innovative no 9 shank. Not seen on any other brand, the shank is built stronger and smarter with a scissor action design and full frame height extension to make deep ripping and shattering hard pans in the toughest conditions easier. We've introduced CTF widths to suit your tram lines, level lifts to our AP91 and simple to adjust leveling bars to make farming easier for you. 

So what is the benefit from Agrowplowing? Our unique Agrowplow Shank works below the compacted hard plant to uplift and shatter without inversion of the soil. Your soil will become aerated without violent separation while allowing greater moisture infiltration into the seed bed. This minimizes fine soil aggregates and creates conditions ideal for microbial action. Crop roots are then free to pursue moisture and nutrients deep in the soil resulting in greater yields. This is all achieved with Agrowplow and our goal of achieving prosperity through soil care. 

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