Agrowplow AP51 Deep Ripper

The AP51 is the next level up in strength. The heavy duty frame and the newest, innovative No.9 style shank is the perfect combination to shatter deep compacted hardpans up to 450mm for mid size farming.

Next Level in Strength.

Agrowplow AP51 Deep Ripper

Behind the release of the AP51 was a desire to develop a mid size plow featuring our newest style shank assembly and the same in built strength and heavy duty design that matched the largest of our deep ripper models.

The plow features a strong, fully welded 150x150x9mm RHS frame and toolbars. The heavier design offers superior performance when deep ripping up to 450mm.

Innovative Shank Style

No.9 Shank

The AP51 comes standard as a 9 or 11 shank model with 380mm shank spacings and a working depth of up to 450mm. The plow features our latest innovative No.9 rigid shear pin shank (10560lb maximum breakout at blade) as standard or No.9 hydraulic recoil shanks (4070lb maximum breakout at blade) as an optional extra for heavier conditions.

The newest shank is stronger and smarter with innovative features that make it excellent for deep ripping in tough conditions. Not seen on any other brand, the shank has a scissor action design which means the shank breaks back in a radial motion preventing any stubborn to more objects from latching and breaking the shank. Plus a full frame height shank extension, exclusive roll pin secured razor back blades, full length shin guards with the option to add tungsten and hard-facing wear enhancements.



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