Forefront of Deep Ripping

Soil care and innovation has been the driving force behind our latest development of the AP91 Agrowplow. With our newest model developed to make deep ripping for the farmer simpler, stronger and smarter.

We’ve included controlled traffic farming widths of 6m, 9m and 12m, our fully welded frame is now even heavier with 200x200x9mm RHS, we’ve developed the no.9 shank assembly design with innovative features that make it excellent for deep ripping in tough conditions, level lift design and better still, our AP91 features a trailing leading tine configuration to improve towing capability which reduces ripping costs.

Based on Proven Research

AP91 Deep Ripper

The beautifully built AP91 features a solid frame built from a solid 200x200x9mm RHS toolbar frame with two of the three models featuring folding wings.  Combined with the trailing leading tine design and innovative No.9 shanks, the AP91 plow is cleverly designed to handle the stresses of tough ploughing for a long working life. 

The trailing leading tynes design consist of a single row of shallow leading tines working in-line and ahead at depths of up to 450mm. This then reduces the draft force required by the following tines, set to penetrate up to 600mm. Tested and proven, the leading tyne configuration increases the towing ability and reduces fuel and time costs by reducing the draft force/power required to pull the ripper by up to 18%.  


Innovative Shanks

No.9 Agrowplow Shank

The AP91 now features the smart no.9 shank. Designed to uplift and shatter hard pans at working depths of up to 600mm, the shank works without inverting the soil- which can lead to moisture loss and reduction in microbiology.

The newest shank is stronger and smarter with innovative features that make it excellent for deep ripping in tough conditions. Not seen on any other brand, the shank has a scissor action design - the shank breaks back in a radial motion to prevent stubborn to move objects from latching and breaking the shank. Plus a full frame height shank extension and exclusive clip on razor back blades are additional advantages.

Better still, the shank has a massive 10560lb maximum breakout at blade for rigid shear shanks and 4070lb breakout for hydraulic recoil shanks.

Other Advanced Capabilities

Agrowplow AP91 Deep Ripper

Stop comparing depth setting functionalities, the AP91 comes standard with a level lift! No unbolting, no manual lever. Its the next level of agrowplowing that you expect and deserve.

Plus the AP91 features great maneuverability. The AP91 series features industrial 15.5/80-40 Grip Star tyres and attaches to the tractor via trailing with level lift. Folding wings on two of the models ensure convenient transport and while in work the wings can float 10º down or 20º up with wing ground following capability.



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