Cutout of AD083 seed drill

Discover the proven benefits of the Agrowplow AD083 Seed Drill. Specially designed for seeding versatility and simplicity, the AD083 assists in pasture renovation, summer crops, and legumes.

The Agrowplow AD083 is designed to the highest of standards and is built with the same great quality Agrowplow has been committed to for nearly 40 years. From specialised direct drilling to traditional farming applications, the AD083 meets a wide range of grazier and mixed farming needs in cropping and pasture applications.

Strength and Innovation

Wide shot of the front of the AD083 seed drill

With every seed drill, our goal remains the same - to design a dependable seed drill that gets the job done right in less time. 

Built from 100x100x6mm RHS steel, the fully welded frame has been designed to have the strength and the weight to outlast and outperform in any condition.

Superior Features


425 tyne baker boot points

The AD083 Agrowdrill is available with either our 425 tyne with baker boots, or the 401 double disc unit for increased accuracy and management of high trash conditions. Learn more.

Easy Calibration

AD083 calibration tray partially

The AD083’s calibration tray is mounted inside the seed box and can be quickly deployed to make measuring seed output simple and easy.

Sowing Rate

Closeup of the AD083 varibox seed rate adjustor

The varibox allows the sowing rate to be easily set anywhere from zero to infinite. 

Easy Height Adjustment

Manual height adjustment of the AD083

Easy manual height adjustment means you can quickly set the seeding depth while in the field without the need for additional tools or complex mechanisms.



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