Not all Seed Drills are created equal.

Agrowdrill AD230 on a transparent background


The AD230 agrowdrill features our renowned design, melding tradition with modern technology and practicality.

It is the ultimate pasture drill, with one of the strongest 100x100x6mm RHS toolbars and fully welded frame. Smartly combined with the largest hopper capacity (605L or 710L) with dual lids to prevent cross contamination, superior trash handling capability, heavy duty wheel arm, renowned Australian made Titan axles and Alford phasing cylinders.


Still powerful, more indestructible.

Side view of AD230 in operation

Standard tyne spacings are 125mm or 150mm spacings in 20, 24 or 28 row configuration.

We've put the hard work in to bring you the toughest seed drill around. The 4 tool bar undercarriage with 442mm spacings consists of Agrowplow's proven 425 Coil Tyne assembly for the best residual handling capability. The simple tyne unit features the renowned Baker Boot opener and is capable of single or double shooting.

The Agrowdrill will not only get the job done, but will achieve the best seeding result, season after season, in the most challenging conditions.


Dependable Drive system

Rear view of AD230 in operation

The AD230 stands out from the pack with its advanced Agrowdrill features.

The drill features a chain drive system which is directly coupled to the stub axle. It incorporates a variable speed gear box and a robust and simple dog clutch system that disengages when lifted and engages when lowered. Its one less worry when turning your seed drill around when sowing.

Plus, you no longer need to get out of your tractor to inspect your feed rolled. The new shaft rotator indicators located at the front of the drill move up and down when the feed rollers are turning. Easily viewed from the cab of your tractor, you can be assured that your seed is being delivered to the ground.

Superior Features



The AD230 features Agrowplow's 425 Coil Tyne, Learn more

Easy Calibration

Closeup of AD230 double fluted roller distribution system

The unique double fluted roller distribution system with gates is exclusive to Agrowdrills. It delivers higher sowing rates, reduced bridging and handles a large range of seed and fertiliser. An optional bean roller is available. Together with the infinitely variable gearbox you can sow almost anything at any rate.

Simple Calibration

Closeup of the AD230 calibration tray being adjusted

Agrowdrills feature Agrowplow's uniquely designed calibration tray. The tray eliminates the need to place buckets under the tynes or discs to allow for faster and easier calibration.

Efficient Cleaning

Efficient Cleaning

Cleaning out the seed and fertiliser box is not a time consuming chore. Simply set the lever to the box cleaning setting and the unique cleaning gates exclusive to Agrowplow are opened to allow any remnants to simply fall through.




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