Photo of an AD730 seed drill on a transparent background.

Introducing the Agrowdrill AD730 seed drill. It has been designed alongside farmers like you and packed with a long list of innovative features. We didn't just build a seed drill to be stronger, we also built a machine that's more productive. And with a noticeably larger capacity, high flotation tyres, and new heavy duty spring release tynes you'll be more efficient out in the paddock.

The seed drill master

2111 AD730 552 22x225 coulters double-chute ssb presswheels rth 13-1

Standard tyne spacings are 150mm, 175mm or 225mm in 16, 20, 22, 24 or 26 row configurations

With over 30 years seeding experience, the latest AD730 combines solid construction, durability and flexibility with superior accuracy and depth control. The fully welded frame is constructed from 100x100x9mm (4"x4"x1/4") RHS designed to withstand the toughest conditions and offer maximum soil penetration. 

The 4 toolbar undercarriage with 550mm spacings consist of Agrowplow's newest spring release tynes. Our 551 HD spring tyne features a narrow point at the leading edge for a smoother furrowing action and a high breakout for superior performance in hard and dry conditions. The AD730 also supports the 251 spring tyne for less demanding conditions, or the 401 Double Disc Unit for managing high accuracy in heavy trash conditions.  

Significant residual handling

1902 AD730 401 disc 28x175 double chute ssb presswheel 04-1

The drill now features a chain drive system which is directly coupled to the stub axle. It incorporates a variable speed gear box and a robust and simple dog clutch system that disengages when lifted and engages when lowered. Its one less worry when turning your seed drill around when sowing.

Plus, you no longer need to get out of your tractor to inspect your feed roller. The new shaft rotator indicators located at the front of the drill move up and down when the feed rollers are turning. Easily viewed from the cab of your tractor, you can be assured that your seed is being delivered to the ground. 

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Superior features as standard

Sowing Made Simple

sowing made simple

Double-fluted rollers, easily adjusted gates, roller restrictors, and an infinitely variable gearbox makes it easy to sow a wide variety of cereals, grasses, and even large seeds and beans. Easily fine-tune your calibration to allow high rate of fertiliser and low seed rates to suit your farm.

Accurate Seed Metering

accurate seed metering

The double-fluted roller distribution and gate system is unique to Agrowdrills. Paired seed rollers, along with customisable restrictors and steep valleys allows makes accurately fine-tuning sowing rates easy and minimises bridging even with cohesive seeds like tetraploid ryegrasses.

Efficient Cleaning

efficient cleaning

Save time and minimise corrosion with Agrowdrill. Simply set the lever to the box cleaning setting to open the gates and allow remnants to simply fall through to make cleaning simple and quick, and protect the drill from premature wear from corrosion.

Longer Lifespans

longer lifespans

Get peace of mind knowing your drill is protected from wear and tear. Stainless steel valleys and calibration trays protect the seed box from corrosion and powder-coated toolbars and seed boxes help the drill survive the harsh Australian climate. 

Machine options

An assembly of fluted coulter discs in lush grass.


Scalloped steel cutting discs run ahead of each sowing row to cut through weeds and stubble to improve trashflow and seed placement.

 A small seeds box with drop tubes with grass in the background

Small Seeds Box

Additional seed box for sowing grasses and other small seeds in addition to crops and fertilisers in a single pass. 

Close up of a spring harrow bar with small seeds drop tubes


Spring-mounted steel bars run behind each sowing row gently level the seedbed, covering each row with a layer of soil to promote germination without impeding trashflow.

Stainless steel valley with black seed rollers and a white bean roller.

Bean Roller

Replaces the coarse seed rollers in one or both boxes with wide-toothed rollers that allows the drill to sow beans and other large seeds.

Small seeds tubes feeding into a flexi-chute bar

Flexi-chute Bar

Allows greater precision when sowing small seeds by delivering small seeds directly to ground level into the seed furrow.

A presswheel assembly with small seeds tubes pressing soil furrows closed


Independently mounted rubber tyres run behind each row, firmly pressing the row closed and forming a clean soil finish to promote germination.  

An array of 425 Coil Tyne assemblies with double chuting

Double Chuting

Adds a second seed tube to each row, allowing fertiliser or a second seed type to be sown into the furrow but spaced away from the first seed tube. 

A road kit with oversize signage, hazard lights, work lamp, and indicator lights on a seed drill

Road Kit

Adds oversize signage, indicator lights, hazard lamp, work light, and flags to the drill to allow safe road transport.                                                          

A trailing Flexiroller hitched to a seed drill

Rear Tow Hitch

Allows trailing machines to be hitched directly to the rear of the seed drill improve seedbed finish and reduce compaction from additional machinery passes.

Specs & Options



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