425 Coil Tyne

425 Coil Tyne Assembly

The Agrowdrill 425 coil tyne has been a mainstay of our seed drills for years – and with good reason. The robust design ensures the tyne has the strength to last season after season, and the inverted-T shape of the Baker Boot point opens a groove in the soil designed to minimise soil disturbance and ensure effective seed placement.

The 425 coil tyne has a maximum breakout of 136kg and is available on the AD083, AD130, and AD230 seed drills.


251 Spring Tyne

251 Spring Tyne

The Agrowdrill 251 Spring Tyne offers AD730 users a robust solution to meet the needs of large-scale direct drilling. The Baker Boot point creates a soil microclimate ideal for seed germination and maximising crop potential. It has the strength to handle seeding in a variety of conditions whilst maintaining the accuracy and reliability that Agrowdrills are renowned for.

The 251 Spring Tyne has a maximum breakout of 114kg and suits the AD730 seed drill.


552 HD Spring Tyne

551 HD Spring Tyne Assembly

The 552 HD tyne has been specially designed for the AD730 seed drill. The Agrowdrill AD730 is designed to handle the toughest conditions, and the 552 HD tyne ensures the drill can do just that. This is a heavy-duty tyne with a breakout of more than double the 251 tyne. Featuring tungsten-hardfaced wedge points, its sturdy construction makes it capable of drilling deeper for longer through the toughest terrain, including sandy, hard, and dry conditions.

The 5512 HD Spring Tyne has a breakout of 250kg and is available for the AD730 seed drill.


401 Double Disc Unit

401 Double Disc Unit

Agrowplow’s 401 Double Disc Unit offers exceptional accuracy and trash management. It features a self-cleaning design that breaks through stubble and high trash conditions to create a clean soil furrow with minimal soil disturbance. The slim profile of the discs allows for closer row spacings to maximise accuracy and crop efficiency, resulting in a machine that epitomises Agrowplow’s commitment to prosperity through soil care.

The 401 Double Disc Unit has a downforce of 205kg (2010N) and is available for the AD083, AD130, and AD730 seed drills.


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